Boat & Bike


A truly unique holiday, you will enjoy travelling by bicycle with the relaxation of the sea. During the seven day trip, four of them will be dedicated to the bike tour, combined with the boat excursions for the evening/night accomodations and dinner.


And, if you decide to take a break from pedaling, you have the opportunity of staying aboard and enjoying the splendid Cilento sea. This Boat&Bike tour will allow you to admire and visit the beautiful coastline. Departing from Agropoli, it will be possible to visit every trail of this magnificent stretch of coastline, on board our fully-equipped and comfortable boat, with highly trained personnel.


Total km in bicycle: 200 - total difference in altitude 2500 metres


Day 1   Meeting with Skipper and Guide for the starting briefing, accomodations on board with cambusa's dishes at port of Agropoli

Day 2   Navigation toward Punta Licosa, stop and swim. Overnight stay in Agropoli's harbour.

Day 3   E-Bike Bicycle tour to Paestum and the Cilento National Park.

             Difficulty: Average/Moderate

             Distance covered: approximately 60 km.

             Duration: approximately 5 hours.

Day 4   Navigation to Marina di Camerota, tour of the most important grottos and the Natural Arch. Overnight stay in the enchanting Bay                 of Infreschi.

Day 5   E-Bike tour to the Bussento Park.

               Difficulty: Moderate/Moderate-Difficult. 

               Distance covered: approximately 90 km.

               Duration: approximately 6 hours.

Day 6   E-Bike tour in Cilento.

               Difficulty: Moderate. 

               Distance covered: approximately 50 km.

               Duration: approximately 5 hours.

Day 7   Sailing in the beautiful Cilento sea and return to port of Agropoli.

Detailed Itinerary


Day 1

Afternoon arrival and presentation of  the Skipper and Guide. After our briefing, we will proceed  to

boat and cabin arrangements. Dinner arrangements can be on board, or at an authorised restaurant

in town.


Day 2

Boat trip to Punta Licosa.

Duration of Navigation: approximately 30 minutes.


You can choose to remain in the boat, and have a swim in the splendid waters of Punta Licosa. 

In the shadow of Mt. Licosa, we can find many beautiful rocky beaches which belong to the marine

reserve of Castellabate, the extremity of the Gulf of Salerno represented by the lighthouse on the

tiny island. In the marine reserve you will find a treasure of natural coastline, sea bed, and


Evening: We will spend the night in Agropoli, with the possibility of having dinner on board, or eating dinner at our suggested restaurants in town.

Day 3


Bicycle tour from Agropoli to Paestum (famous archeological site), to Cilento National Park, and

Town of Castellabate.

Tour that succeeds in weaving History and Nature in the same day. With departure and arrival

points of Agropoli, we will visit the archeological site of Paestum, and its famous Temple of

Athena. The next step will be a full immersion in the immense Cilento National Park, with a

successive visit to the town of Castellabate.

Details of the bike tour

Difficulty: Easy

Distance covered: approximately 60 km.

Ascent: max 700 metres

Duration: 4 hours (approximately)

Duration including visit: 6 hours (approximately)

Points of interest:



Latin name  ‘Paistom’ from which it was called after it was conquered by the Lucani, the inhabitants of Lucania, an ancient city of the Magna Graecia, first called Poseidonia, in honor of Poseidon, but extremely devoted to Hera and Athena. The original extended area, enclosed by Greek walls, is still well recognizable and well preserved today, and modified during the Lucani and Roman periods.



We will dock at Agropoli for the night, and offer the possibility to dine on board, or at one of our recommended restaurants in town.


Our Bicycles

The E-bike is Included in this tour.

In alternative, if you prefer, we offer the option of other racing bicycles: Bianchi Sempre Camagnolo Athena or Bianchi Intenso Shimano Ultegra.


Day 4



We will visit the town of Marina di Camerota, for a day of relaxation and sea.

Navigation time: approximately 4 hours


You will have the morning to visit Palinuro, the much sought-after holiday spot, or simply admiring

and enjoying the sea staying in the boat. The coast is a mixture of grottoes and coves, among which there are the famous Grotta Azzurra, Grotta d’Argento and the Natural Arch. Capo Palinuro is a 200 metre high limestone promontory, a unique natural wonder not to be missed.



Overnight stay in port or the marvelous Bay of Infreschi, with the possibility of dining on board or in one of our recommended restaurants.

Day 5



Departure for a Bike tour in the Park of the Bussento River.


Difficulty: easy

Distance covered: approximately 90 km

Ascent: approximately 1500 metres

Duration: approximately 6 hours

Duration including visit: approximately 8 hours


Points of interest:


Set a few kilometers from the Cilento coastline, The WWF Grotto of Bussento in Morigerati is an oasis of nature and silence.  It was conceived as a reserve for protecting the natural wildlife, creating an area subject to natural hydro-geological restrictions. The Bussento river, with its source in Monte Cervati, drops into a gorge of 230 meters, and continues throughout underground galleries for 700 meters until it siphons off into a pool surronded by rocky walls.



Overnight stay in port or the marvelous Bay of Infreschi, with the possibility of dining on board or in one of ourrecommended restaurants.


Our Bicycles

For this part of the tour, we will use the E-bikes, cost included in the tour package.


Day 6



Bike tour from Palinuro to Acciaroli.


From your bicycle seat we have created a trip that will let you fully astonished exploring the magnificent Cilento coast. Departure from Palinuro, we will arrive to Acciaroli.


Details of the bike tour


Distance covered: approximately 50 km

Ascent: approximately 650 metres

Duration: approximately 4 hours

Duration including visit:approximately 6 hours

Points of interest:

Palinuro, whose name is linked to a character from Virgil’s  Aeneid- the mythic Palinurus, helmsman of Aeneas’s fleet, is a beautiful seaside  holiday destination. With its rare beauty, the visitor dreams on beyond the horizon, enchanted by its overhanging cliffs and warm salty sea breeze.


Acciaroli: This jewel of town has steadily collected the ‘5 sails’ rating from Legambiente and the ‘Bandiera Blue’/blue flag rating for its beaches and sea quality, together with its neighbor, Pioppi, world capital of the Mediterranean Diet. Acciaroli preserves a church from the 12th century, dedicated to the Most Holy Annunciation, and a Norman watchtower.



Relaxing in the port town of Acciaroli, where can choose dinner in our recommended restaurant, or to dine on board the boat.


Our Bicycles

The E-bike is Included in this tour.

In alternative, if you prefer, we offer the option of other racing bicycles: Bianchi Sempre Camagnolo Athena or Bianchi Intenso Shimano Ultegra.

Day 7



We will spend the greatest part of our time in the boat, having a swim in the splendid Cilento waters, and then directing toward Agropoli in the evening to conclude our week together.



(per person in double cabin, for groups of 6-8 participants)

March and November                      €1150.00

April-May                                           €1200.00

June/September/October               €1300.00


Supplement for single cabin: cost will be based on a addition of 50%, compared to the Double cabin, and in accordance with price for the period chosen.

Services included:

  • Navigation, and overnight stay in boat (in harbour)

  • Tender with outboard

  • Bicycle rental

  • Cycling Guide

  • Fuel

  • Final Cleaning


Services not included:

  • Packed Lunch (€15/person including typical Campania products, dessert and water), or lunch in a local restaurant/agriturismo €45-50 including antipasto, pasta dish, main course and fruit(drinks excluded)

  • Port/Harbour overnight stay costs:price per person will be calculated according to the season (average cost approximately €90)

  • Pantry/Galley cost(approximately €50) to be paid upon arrival

  • Bed linens (€12) per person

  • Tickets to archaeological sites

  • Eventual tips and extras not mentioned above


Note: Based on meteorological conditions, the Skipper eventually has the right to vary navigation plans.


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