Day Trips with Affiliated Facilities

Pompeii, Vesuvius and Amalfi Coast by Villa Signorini : A spectacular tour that combines history and nature, archeology and breathtaking views organized in collaboration with Villa Signorini in Herculaneum. Arrival Thursday in hotel. The following day you will leave Villa Signorini to arrive in Pompei - Villa dei Misteri. After a visit to the most famous archaeological site in the world, and a brief refocus, you will head to the slopes of Mount Vesuvius in Torre del Greco, from which you will begin the tough but exciting climbing of the volcano. Return and overnight in hotel.The next day, on Saturday, the bike excursion will be dedicated to the Amalfi Coast. Arrival in transfer in Sorrento from which our tour will start. Just a few miles from the start, we will be able to ride on one of the most beautiful views in the world to reach the quaint village of Positano. After a short stop, you will return for the same route turning to Sant'Agata on the two Golfi. Lunch and return to Sorrento, where we will be waiting for the transfer for the return to Villa Signorini. Overnight in Hotel.

Tour Hotel degli Dei : Tour designed for all color that have at their disposal more days to devote to our beautiful land. Organized with the collaboration of the Hotel degli Dei, this tour was conceived for those who want to spend 2/3 unforgettable days along the Phlegrean coast. We will stay in the Hotel Gli Dei located on the highest point of the Solfatara Volcano in Pozzuoli, from where, at any point of its perimeter, we can remain enchanted by the view of the sea and of Vesuvius.

Bike Academy by Tinkoff at Gran Canaria  : I Rent Bike gives you the chance to spend an unforgettable week on the island of Gran Canaria, in the name of training like a real professional team, supported by the official technical department of the Tinkoff-Katusha team. We will live a unique experience on the island of eternal summer, which will give us, in addition to a great workout, a wealth of experience that will allow us to improve our daily training, to make us able to improve our performance targets.


Associazione "Solo in bici"

Via E. Scaglione 476, 80145 Napoli

Locations open only for delivery and retreats by reservation

Scafati (Na) - Via Dante Alighieri 15, 84018

Vico Equense (Na) - Corso Filangieri 80069

Piano di Sorrento (Na) - Via delle Rose 35, 80063 

Amalfi (Sa) - Piazzale dei Protontini 6, 84011

Salerno - Lungomare Trieste 6, 84031

Santa Maria di Castellabate - Via Sant'Andrea, 2, 84048

San Giorgio del Sannio (BN) - Via delle Cesine 9, 82018 

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