Amalfi Coast

Riding our bikes, you enjoy one of the most beautiful coast in the world. Spangled with narrow beaches, colourful fishing villages, sumptuouses villas and terraced vineyard, you will admire the spectacular view and visit the most important coastal cities: Amalfi, Ravello and Minori.

Campania is beautiful with its versatility. The Sorrento and Amalfi’s coasts are just two of the better places to enjoy. Riding our bikes, you will surprise with the wonders of Sorrento; you can admire the heartthrobbing views of Sant’Agata of Two Gulfs; without missing the Colli of Fontanelle and those of Sant’Agnello.


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Associazione "Solo in bici"

Via E. Scaglione 476, 80145 Napoli

Locations open only for delivery and retreats by reservation

Scafati (Na) - Via Dante Alighieri 15, 84018

Vico Equense (Na) - Corso Filangieri 80069

Piano di Sorrento (Na) - Via delle Rose 35, 80063 

Amalfi (Sa) - Piazzale dei Protontini 6, 84011

Salerno - Lungomare Trieste 6, 84031

Santa Maria di Castellabate - Via Sant'Andrea, 2, 84048

San Giorgio del Sannio (BN) - Via delle Cesine 9, 82018 

mobile +39 3774975416