Holiday House of the Sannio with Rent Bike

We offer you the chance to rent our holiday home, located in the charming medieval village of Cusano Mutri, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy. Detached villa immersed in the woods to enjoy the tranquility of the surrounding nature. We also offer you the possibility to rent our bicycles (e-bike, MTB, trekking bike or road bike), to enjoy the best of Sannio's territory. An ideal starting point for bicycle tours, but also for trekking enthusiasts.

By bike from the holiday home located in the suggestive Cusano Mutri you can go through breathtaking landscapes, from the great mountains of Matese to the immense Sannio plains, to visit places of worship and great spirituality.

Cusano Mutri: Cusano Mutri is an Italian town of 4,132 inhabitants of the province of Benevento in Campania. It is part of the Regional Park of Matese and the Mountain Community Titerno. Located on the southern slope of the Matese, incorporated in the ancient Sannio Pentro, today the border between Campania and Molise. It is 20 km from the ancient Roman city of Telesia on the southwest side, in Campania, and 30 km away from the other Roman cities Altilia (Saepinum), in Molise, on the northeast side. Its territory covers approximately 60 km², with a minimum altitude of 257 m at the throat of Lavella - and a maximum of 1823 m of Monte Mutria, at the border with Molise. According to historians, Cusano Mutri is the Samnite Cossa, or Cosano, destroyed by the Romans along with Telesia.

You can make adrenaline and spectacular tours, riding through the Matese promontory. Or take advantage of the many hiking trails for hikers.

Matese Lake: It is the italian tallest karst lake, located at the foot of Mount Miletto (2050 m) and Mount Gallinola (1923 m), in the mountain range of the Matese, in the municipality of San Gregorio Matese and Castello Matese in the province of Caserta. It is filled with water from the melting snows of Mount Miletto and Gallinola and some perennial springs. In the marsh vegetation that characterizes the lake refuge many types of birds: goose, teal, coot, mallard and have also been reported the stork and the pink flamingo. Among the species of fish are: pike, trout, tench, carp, perch.

Cost per person*

6/8 pax € 32,00/person

4/5 pax € 48,00/person

Included services:

  • Overnight stay with half board service

Not included services:

  • Admission to museums;



​Transfer by private shuttle from Naples to Cusano Mutri on request.

Possibility to rent bike:

  • E-Bike: € 50,00/day

  • Road Bike: € 50,00/day

  • Mtb Bike: € 30,00/day

  • Trekking Bike: € 30,00/day

Customized tours on request.

*booking and more info send an email to:​ 

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